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From my past experience as an Air Force aviator I can tell you that the most valuable instrument in an airplane is the “Attitude Indicator”. And, as it turns out, this is also the most valuable instrument for us as human beings, as I will attempt to explain here.

In clear weather you can fly “by the seat of the pants” and reference the attitude indicator just to refine your flight. However, when you have no outside references, as it happens during bad weather or at night, the attitude indicator becomes invaluable to keeping you alive. The instrument will tell if you are flying straight and level or if you are climbing, diving, or banking to one side or the other. Many aviators have died because they did not pay attention to their attitude indicator, particularly when engrossed with a flight emergency or something else. But in other cases, paying attention to the attitude indicator [...]

Beware Tricks of the Trade..

What you need to know when you’re negotiating your next new-car purchase.

As in every industry or market there are good and bad “apples”. One industry that has experienced a bad reputation due to the “bad apples” is the auto sales market. We’ve all heard the stories or even experienced firsthand the “tricks” and “schemes” some salespeople use to bamboozle us into a sale that simply isn’t a good deal, or in our best interest. There is a simple reason so many people dread buying a car: Many “common” industry practices have jaded consumers’ expectations—and rightly so. But, believe it or not, not all car dealerships are unscrupulous and are going to take you to the cleaners. Many really are trustworthy. After many years in the business and working alongside some of these “bad apples,” I’ve compiled a list of things to help you, the consumer, to spot a good deal versus a slick sales tactic when you are buying a vehicle

  1. Foursquare beware:

Hi, folks. This blog at Hometown Auto, “Arnie’s Thoughts” is my first blog experience. And I am liking it! I have already written a few articles that you can check out here.

I like to read and write things that are positive and uplift my spirit; also I like to pursue things that teach me and help me improve my life. I prefer it instead of reading about gossip or all the other stuff that eats up your time and your mind. Stuff that teaches you nothing and that is designed to increase your stress level or to make you angry, frustrated, or to make you experience all kinds of other negative feelings that are designed only to set you up for “manipulation”. In addition to teaching you nothing, they essentially suck your life into a negative spiral. And the worst is that you have no control over those things that are pushed on you [...]


First you should always consult your owner’s manual, but also use a little bit of common sense. Most owner’s manuals for newer vehicles will tell you it’s acceptable to go 5,000 miles between oil changes under normal conditions. But you should drop to 3,000 miles if you drive under severe conditions? And who decides what “severe conditions” are?

Our mechanic explains that hard stops and starts — the kind people tend to do when racing from traffic light to traffic light — are a prime example. Other factors, include extreme hot and cold temperatures and driving in very dusty parts of the country or frequently driving at high altitudes. But, If you’re just driving back and forth to work during the week, and around the region during the weekend to family outings, then there’s really no need to change your oil every 3,000 miles.

A few years ago, a consumer reports study put the [...]


Many of us, at times, have had financial difficulties and credit problems. Your old vehicle is on its last leg and you need reliable transportation but you don’t know where you can get approved with your past credit issues. Many of us think that we can’t possibly get a vehicle through traditional financing means. And, according to the advertising we see and hear, buy-here-pay-here (BHPH) is your best and only option. But, that’s not always true. These BHPH dealers advertise easy terms and usually the credit requirements are very easy. What could be better? Even with your credit issues, you can still get a vehicle easily and painless. But, this seemingly “easy and painless”, can and will cost you a lot of money!

What most don’t realize is you’ll end up paying double what the vehicle is worth. And, on top of that, the interest rates are extremely high, many times as high as [...]

“God, my life is your gift to me. What I do with my life is my gift to you.”
Og Mandino

As I stand in front of the mirror each morning, getting ready for work, I am often reminded of this quote, and I use it to set the tone for my day. As I go about my business of getting ready, I think to myself how blessed I am to enjoy a capable body that allows me to do the physical things I must do, a clear and open mind that allows me to think, discern, and make right choices, and a soul that is spiritually connected to my Creator, my environment, and my fellow human beings.

So, daily I have the chance to be grateful for all my blessings and to make a conscious choice as to how my day will be, no matter what happens. Because the important thing is not [...]

We all know that when we go to buy a pre-owned vehicle, we expect that it has gone through a good checkout procedure. On top of the mechanical inspection, most vehicles should have also gone through a very good detail (cleaning). This is where all of the nooks and crannies of the vehicle have been thoroughly cleaned and polished. Because, let’s be honest. We all want our (new to us) pre-owned vehicle to look and run like new.
After being in this business for 20 years, I’ve learned that it’s important for my customer to “look beyond the detail.” In other words, I want you to know where to look, beyond the superficial detailing, to get a glimpse of how the vehicle was maintained and cared for. There are several “hidden clues” you can look for to help you know the true shape of the car. I always encouraged my customers to do this. [...]

Arnie and Brian

Everyone likes to know just who they are doing business with, right? You don’t want to give your trust and hard-earned money to faceless corporations, or worse, those you know to be untrustworthy and dishonest. That’s why we’d like to take a few minutes to introduce ourselves to you and give you a chance to get to know just who we are and what we believe.

Meet Brian Webb and Arnie Hernandez, the founders of Hometown Auto. Brian and Arnie have been neighbors and friends for over 10 years. As they got to know each other, they recognized a kindred spirit in each other and a shared philosophy about business, family and life. The basic principles of honesty, integrity, fairness and treating others as they want to be treated define these men. A desire to be contributing members of their community while giving back [...]

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