Good neighbors, great vehicles

Arnie and Brian

Everyone likes to know just who they are doing business with, right? You don’t want to give your trust and hard-earned money to faceless corporations, or worse, those you know to be untrustworthy and dishonest. That’s why we’d like to take a few minutes to introduce ourselves to you and give you a chance to get to know just who we are and what we believe.

Meet Brian Webb and Arnie Hernandez, the founders of Hometown Auto. Brian and Arnie have been neighbors and friends for over 10 years. As they got to know each other, they recognized a kindred spirit in each other and a shared philosophy about business, family and life. The basic principles of honesty, integrity, fairness and treating others as they want to be treated define these men. A desire to be contributing members of their community while giving back [...]

On Trust

One thing about Trust: It can be freely given only ONCE. If Trust is broken, for any reason, it will be difficult to regain.


One thing about Trust: It can be freely given only ONCE. If Trust is broken, for any reason, it will be difficult to regain. Actually, if regained, it will likely be fragile, and never like the first time.

Trust is the bond that is formed between people, businesses, and institutions that depends upon one another to Be whom they say they are and to Do what they say they will do. Without the capacity for Trust, we would be lost in our capacity to create any type of meaningful relationship; be it personal, business, social, religious, political, etc.

At Hometown Auto, we take the issue of Trust very seriously. First, we strive to do everything with the main purpose of earning the Trust of our clients and of all other businesses upon which our business depends. Secondly, we are who we say we are and we do what we say we will do [...]

What is the difference between “Honesty” and “Integrity”?

Can we get your feedback on this question?

In the month of August, Hometown Auto completed its first full year of operation. As it is true for most small businesses, we are here to exchange a service for a profit and to use that profit, first to support our families and second to advance the causes to which we are committed as individuals.

So, what does “Honesty” and “Integrity” have to do with all this?

We think the answer is… “everything”!

We don’t know what your definition of these words may be, but to us the right way to conduct business is with honesty and integrity. Now, these words are often used to describe a business. But what is their real meaning, when used in the context of a business description? Are they being used to attract customers and to make them believe that the exchange of [...]

Giving Thanks

It’s good to give thanks, because that opens the way to receive more of the good stuff in life.

Giving Thanks


It’s good to give thanks, because that opens the way to receive more of the good stuff in life.

The bestway to explain this is to think of it as a person giving a gift to someone. The receiver can be appreciative or not. And so, if there are more gifts to be given, the appreciative receiver is likely to receive another one, while the non-appreciative receiver may not be given another.

From a human perspective then, that would make sense. However, God is not a human and would not deny a gift to anyone. But God would not “shove a gift down your throat” either, so to speak. A gift must be accepted and/or requested (like in prayer).

The appreciative recipient of the gift is sending out a signal indicating – “I am ready to receive more.” The other person is not sending that signal. He/she is not being denied another [...]

You Are Approved

We even have down payment assistance for you!



“You are approved!”  We’ve all heard the commercials from other auto dealers.  But, sometimes the reality is that they won’t approve you and they won’t even try.  I hate to sound like a commercial, but her at Hometown Auto, you really are approved.  If you have a job with an income of $600 per month, we CAN get you approved for a vehicle.

Financial challenges.  We’ve all had them from time to time.  It’s just a reality in our economy.  And, what’s worse is it always seems like they pop up most when you need a new vehicle.  Your old car is on its last leg and you need reliable transportation, but you don’t know where you can get approved with your past credit issues.  Don’t spend days at dozens of dealerships, only to be turned down over and over again.  Come straight to Hometown Auto and see what sets us [...]

I Have a Dream

Must I do something?

No, sorry, I will not be writing about the famous speech by Dr. Martin Luther King. I’ll be writing about something more personal today.

It’s well known to my friends that I am a fan of ABBA. They have a beautiful song titled “I Have a Dream”, and every time I listen to it I cannot help but to start dreaming. I’m sure many of you out there have heard it, but here is a link, just in case you haven’t or if you want to listen to it again:

If you pay close attention to the lyrics, you will see how beautiful the message is. So, let me expand on that for a little while today.

A week ago Monday (July 17th) was my 47th wedding anniversary and, although my wife and I don’t make a big public deal out of anniversaries, each anniversary is very important to us and we express to [...]

As a business

Do we have a purpose?

I recently read an article that made me think about the goal for our business – Hometown Auto.

Who do we want to be? What do we want to accomplish?


There is no question about what we do as a business – we sell cars. But when Brian and I first started thinking about this business idea, it was never our sole purpose to “just sell cars”. Getting into the car business was for us always “the means to accomplish something else”. And that “something else” was to create a business that would be an example for others to follow. We were and still are determined to prove that “a business can do well by doing good”. We are here to prove that a car dealer can do well by following the idea of a “noble purpose”, which simply means not focusing on the money-making aspect of the business, but focusing on “doing good [...]



In a previous article I mentioned the importance of “situational awareness”. And I thought that “awareness” is a good subject to write about as we start this New Year. It’s a good subject to expand on because your level of awareness will determine many things in your life. As I’m sure we are all looking forward to a year of better opportunities, better relationships, better health, and essentially a better life, we must do something to bring it about. Because it’s not going to just happen to us, as if fallen from the sky. Things will happen because someone does something, and that is a fact. Now, some may say that this is not always true, and I agree. We cannot control natural disasters or accidents (to a certain extent), but on the other hand, we can exercise control over our reaction to those things that we have no control over and, therefore, we can [...]

Living in Joyful Expectation

A wonderful time of the year!

As I have mentioned before, “ATTITUDE” and “INTENTION” are very important. Our outlook in life and our happiness are very much linked to the way we see things and how we see ourselves in relation to our fellow man, our environment, and to the rest of the world.

Since attitude and intention are expressions that require our decision, which is something we have full control of, the exercise of this control is what gives us the “power of choice” to be happy, optimistic, angry, or negative. And so, given the choice, which will you have? Personally, I prefer happiness and optimism. How about you?

The month of December brings about the expectations that go with the Christmas Season and with the New Year. This is the time we renew our hopes and make resolutions for a new beginning or another opportunity to better ourselves. So why not make this a metaphor for our life. Let’s [...]

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” – Maya Angelou

The act of giving or sharing is a very personal one. Some give out of guilt, obligation, convenience, or none of the above. Among these, I prefer “none of the above”. In fact, it’s been said that “in this world there are two kinds of people – givers and takers”. However, the fact is that every time that there is a “giving” there is also a “taking”.

So just like there are different reasons for giving – different emotions attached to the act of giving – there are similarly different emotions attached to the act of taking or accepting. A gift can be accepted with an attitude of entitlement, indifference, or gratefulness.

Therefore, giving and receiving are like the two faces of the same coin. They cannot be separated. What can be separated, however, is the attitude or the feeling or emotion [...]

I am your greatest helper or your heaviest burden.
I will push you onward or drag you down into failure.
I am completely at your command.

Half of the things you do you might Justas well turn over to me,
And I will be able to do them quickly and correctly.

I am easily managed, just merely be firm with me.
Show me exactly how you want something done and,
After a few lessons, I will do it automatically.

I am the servant of all great people; and, alas, of all failures as well.
Those who are failures, I have made failures.

I am not a machine, though I work with all the precision of a machine,
Plus the intelligence of a human being.

You may run me for a profit or turn me for ruin – it makes no difference to me.

Take me, train me, and [...]

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