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“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” – Maya Angelou

The act of giving or sharing is a very personal one. Some give out of guilt, obligation, convenience, or none of the above. Among these, I prefer “none of the above”. In fact, it’s been said that “in this world there are two kinds of people – givers and takers”. However, the fact is that every time that there is a “giving” there is also a “taking”.

So just like there are different reasons for giving – different emotions attached to the act of giving – there are similarly different emotions attached to the act of taking or accepting. A gift can be accepted with an attitude of entitlement, indifference, or gratefulness.

Therefore, giving and receiving are like the two faces of the same coin. They cannot be separated. What can be separated, however, is the attitude or the feeling or emotion that goes with the giving or the receiving. And, as Maya Angelou says in the above quote, giving cheerfully and accepting gratefully are the best emotions to accompany these acts.

When you attach the correct emotion to the “giving”, you cannot avoid at the same time “receiving”. You give from your heart and at the same time you receive joy. It cannot be any other way. On the other hand, if you give for any other reason than the pure and simple joy of giving, don’t expect to receive joy in return. You will probably feel empty instead.

I suggest you become a giver with the right emotion attached to your giving. The reward is just pure joy. And, by the way, don’t expect anything in return. It is not yours to judge the emotion on other side of the coin, because your reward is in the giving itself. Your joy comes from within you, not from any outside source.

Here at Hometown Auto we practice the joy of giving at every opportunity. We cheerfully give back and support our local community and we also give in the way we service every customer. We take pleasure in doing so and our reward is the acknowledgement we receive from our customers, who obviously value our service to them.


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