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Giving Thanks

It’s good to give thanks, because that opens the way to receive more of the good stuff in life.

Giving Thanks


It’s good to give thanks, because that opens the way to receive more of the good stuff in life.

The bestway to explain this is to think of it as a person giving a gift to someone. The receiver can be appreciative or not. And so, if there are more gifts to be given, the appreciative receiver is likely to receive another one, while the non-appreciative receiver may not be given another.

From a human perspective then, that would make sense. However, God is not a human and would not deny a gift to anyone. But God would not “shove a gift down your throat” either, so to speak. A gift must be accepted and/or requested (like in prayer).

The appreciative recipient of the gift is sending out a signal indicating – “I am ready to receive more.” The other person is not sending that signal. He/she is not being denied another gift, it’s just that he/she is not sending a signal to indicate being ready for another gift.

So, here is an exercise for you to practice often:

I thank you, dear God, for loving me even when I don’t love myself. I thank you for placing before me so many opportunities to learn love for myself so that I can learn to love others. I thank you, God, for the outstanding beauty of nature that makes me so appreciate life. I thank you for the wisdom to make the right choices for my good. I thank you for the vigor and health of my body that allows me to experience such joyful and active life. I thank you for the sunrises and sunsets, for the vastness of the ocean and the beauty of the land. I thank you for the food and the roof over my head.

I thank you for the quiet moments of self-reflection, for the peace in my heart when I realize how much I am loved. Thank you for the clothes on my back and my faithful car. Thank you for the people and books that inspire me, for roses that smell heavenly, for kindred spirits that understand me and support me on my life’s journey.

Thank you for the way my spirit is lifted when I speak of my blessings, and mostly, thank you for the fact that more blessings come to me when I appreciate the ones I ha

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