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What is the difference between “Honesty” and “Integrity”?

Here is a short contest for our readers.

What is the difference between “Honesty” and “Integrity”?

Can we get your feedback on this question?

In the month of August, Hometown Auto completed its first full year of operation. As it is true for most small businesses, we are here to exchange a service for a profit and to use that profit, first to support our families and second to advance the causes to which we are committed as individuals.

So, what does “Honesty” and “Integrity” have to do with all this?

We think the answer is… “everything”!

We don’t know what your definition of these words may be, but to us the right way to conduct business is with honesty and integrity. Now, these words are often used to describe a business. But what is their real meaning, when used in the context of a business description? Are they being used to attract customers and to make them believe that the exchange of service for profit will be fair? Will honesty and integrity be applied selectively or at a minimal level to give the appearance of conducting business the right way? Unfortunately, this is often the case.

At Hometown Auto we are in business for the long term. Not only do we believe that honesty and integrity are essential to good living, but also very important in the conduct of business. It may take longer to develop and grow a business that is true to honesty and integrity, but that growth will be solid and long lasting and relationships will be based on trust and loyalty.

We invite you to come by and visit us. Give us an opportunity to show you how real honesty and integrity work to the benefit of all parties involved in a business transaction.

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Here’s something special from us to you:  Tell us the difference between these very important words (honesty and integrity) and we will have a drawing among the correct answers on Friday, September 15th. The winner will receive a Dinner-for-Two voucher at the Olive Garden Restaurant! To enter the contest, comment to this blog & stop by or email us your answer. We will post the winner on our Facebook page and on our website.  Good luck!

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 Hometown Auto, good neighbors, great vehicles!


Your good neighbor,



  • Brian| August 29, 2017 at 1:00 pmReply

    Jennifer, Thanks for replying. You will be put in our drawing.

  • Jennifer| August 29, 2017 at 1:59 amReply

    Honesty is maintaining truthfullness whereas Integrity is adhering to or maintaining morals.

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