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In a previous article I mentioned the importance of “situational awareness”. And I thought that “awareness” is a good subject to write about as we start this New Year. It’s a good subject to expand on because your level of awareness will determine many things in your life. As I’m sure we are all looking forward to a year of better opportunities, better relationships, better health, and essentially a better life, we must do something to bring it about. Because it’s not going to just happen to us, as if fallen from the sky. Things will happen because someone does something, and that is a fact. Now, some may say that this is not always true, and I agree. We cannot control natural disasters or accidents (to a certain extent), but on the other hand, we can exercise control over our reaction to those things that we have no control over and, therefore, we can affect or decide how we allow these things to impact our lives.


Now, before I talk about awareness in general, let me say that I believe there are two types of awareness. There is the “situational awareness” I mentioned earlier, and then there is “spiritual awareness”. The first one has to do with the physical world and all the things that surround us. The second one has to do with the life we live in the mind. So, for example, if you are driving a car or flying an airplane, you better have situational awareness. Otherwise, you are an accident looking to happen. For “spiritual awareness” you are more dependent on non-physical things, such as feelings and intuition.


Being fully aware is like being fully awake. Conversely, having a lack of awareness is like being asleep or drowsy. So, how do you want to live your life? Do you want to have control of your own life or do you want the rest of the world to control it? Now, you must consider that, as you learn to increase your awareness and exert more control over your life, you must also be willing to accept the responsibility that goes with it. You will know that you are heading in the right direction when you stop whining, blaming others, and feeling offended by the attitudes, action, and words of others. You will be able to focus better on those things that are positive and that will take you to a better life.


To learn more about awareness, I suggest you start doing some research of your own. There is no way this short post will cover all that can be said about this broad subject. You can read books on the subject and you may talk to people that can help you (without having an agenda of their own). Or you can even send me feedback so I can reply.


Wake up!

Your Neighbor,

Arnie Hernandez


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